We Write Brazen TV Comedies.

Inspired By Our “What The Fuck Are Vic N Dave Doing Now?” Life Decisions…

With Characters Who Live Unconventionally And Unapologetically!

Our Latest Projects

When a couple is outed as swingers, they use their experience to help noobs navigate the world of non-monogamy while dealing with shame and judgment on their way to becoming celebrity sexperts!

After his daughter’s special needs program is defunded, an overworked single Father quits his factory job and finds his purpose as director of an unschooling community center.

About Vic N Dave

Victoria and Dave Arena are a married LA-based team (ahem… of a certain age) who write brazen half-hour comedies inspired by their “what the fuck are Vic n Dave doing now?” life decisions, such as suddenly up and moving from the Midwest to NYC in their late 30s (when everyone thought their dreams should already be dead), unschooling their special needs child, and sharing their 20-year journey as swingers in their script, “Comin’ Out Swinging,” a 2023 PAGE Awards semi-finalist which also inspired a new podcast by the same name.

Dave, a standup comic and neurodivergent, navigating life with Tourette syndrome, a trait he shares with his daughter and Victoria, a makeup artist whose credits include “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” infuse their work with authenticity, heart, and characters who, like them, live unconventionally and unapologetically. Together, they continue to push boundaries, proving that life and comedy thrive best outside the lines.


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